1. So today is BATMAN DAY? I thought the 75th anniversary was March 30th?
    Oh well! Lets dance! NAnananananNANANANANAnananaana BATMAN!

    So heres a mega-post of Batman related sketches i’ve drawn over the years (no Robin?)

  2. All you lovely people heading to #SDCC tomorrow dont forget pick up these Exclusive WOODS items at the BOOM! Studios booth #2229!

    - SDCC variant cover of THE WOODS #1 by my man Jeff Stokely!

    - The Bay Point Prep We Love Fine t-shirts

    - The limited edition hugs by James Tynion IV (find him, hug him)

    Send me photos so i can adore you all!

  3. Making of’ shot from my 2nd #fictionsquad cover @mypauljenkins bit.ly/FSKS14

  4. Things of beauty ;) #vhs

  5. Morning #flash sketch!

  6. Deskshot #woodscomic #boomstudios “Stay away from my drink bug!”

  7. The last of the #futurelibrary workshop was this morning thus the last time i draw Spider-man & Batman sooo early in the morming. But i did teach a couple of boys today that Batman used to be BLUE!!

  8. Another October release announced!

    THE WOODS #6 is one of my favourite issues to date!

    Pick it up first week of October so before NYCC ;)

    Written by James Tynion IV, Drawn by me and Coloured by Josan Gonzalez

    Published by Boom! Studios

  9. At todays comic #workshop i added a new page to the mini-comic for the kids to see

  10. Multiversity Comics is doing a Guardians month that will end up being a special benefit art auction for Bill Mantlo, creator of Rocket Raccoon!
    Check out at there site for more information and to see the other awesome pieces that will be up for grabs soon.

    Below is my piece for the auction, I had a fun time drawing this guy and i may have burnt my eyes out playing with the colours 

  11. Mini-comic cover at todays comic #workshop with @talemaiden

  12. Listening to way too many #Batman podcasts lately.

  13. Playing around with Raven’s “normal” eyes before bed

  14. Are you reading THE WOODS yet? You should!

    Written by James Tynion IV, Drawn by me and Coloured by Josan Gonzalez

    Published by BOOM! Studios

  15. Gotta <3 Raven!