1. Finishing the last page from volume 2 of THE WOODS ;) then I’m packing for NYC! @boom_studios #comics


  2. My special offer ends tomorrow at midnight so if anyone still wants to get in on the sketches or even the originals then now is your chance!
    I’ll probably wont be doing anymore commissions till Spring 2015 again.

    Dont forget the discount code for -30% off originals is HAPPYBIRTHDAY

    Thank you and have a nice week!

  3. Madman #preconcommission for @thisgoodidiot ;) see you next week!

  4. Madman commission wip at the Comicdom Drink and Draw event :)

  5. First #30thbirthday commission is ready! Boba Fett!

  6. Preparing a Madman commission for one of my favorite returning customers ;) #preconcommission

  7. #TBT a couple of pages from a comic i did in 2008 called Counting Stars.

    I was about an explorer searching for the 13th star for his collection and it was also a small truibute to Moebius :)

    The whole story can be found in my collection of mini-comics, Trinkets: An Attic Full of Stories.


  8. The last panel of Superior Spider-man Team-up Special #1 has found a lovely home in Singapore today! I made sure the man who got will take care good care of it.

    The -30% off originals offer is still available till the end of the month using the code: HAPPYBIRTHDAY at my store http://woodencrown.bigcartel.com/

  9. Hey all!

    Last week of my birthday offer! Check it out!

    $30 commissions and -30% off my cover and pages :)
    using the discount code: HAPPYBIRTHDAY



  10. "Cause I’m just a teenage dirtbag baby" #thewoods @boom_studios @jamesthefourth

  11. THE WOODS #8
    Retail Price: $3.99
    Author: James Tynion IV
    Artist: Michael Dialynas
    Cover Artist: Michael Dialynas
    With the swarm close on their tail, the kids have managed to reach the mountain peak…but not before the Hunters. But will the humans battle once and for all, or team up to take on the larger threat the Woods have unleashed?


  12. Close-up of lil’ Doctor Robot on this heavy cover #thewoods @boom_studios

  13. I drew this on SKAI TV to promote our educational seminars at the Cycladic Museum

  14. #TBT One of my favorite pages from Josh Tierney's SPERA vol.3 from Archaia Entertainment

    I love the “LONO!” panel :)

  15. Rocket Raccoon tissues ;)