1. Trying out the new #hyperlapse app while inking The Thing from Fantastic Four.

  2. Late night Fantastic Four sketch.

  3. Here’s another #TBT
    A short i drew in 2006 about a robot who wanted his dying inventor to complete him. The comic was called Non-Compatible.
    Yes i tend write macabre stories.

    This and other short stories i did in Greece can be found here:

  4. Latenight inking of some Guardians of the Galaxy #gotg

  5. This whole thing with Milo Manara is getting out of hand. I think its terrible that people are saying he should “take notes” and “go back to art school”

    These people probably think he’s a new comer and have NO IDEA of the amount of work he has done over the past 40 years of his comic career here in Europe.

    Yes. He mainly draws erotica, thats he’s genre.

    Yes. He has mighty powerful ink work and storytelling.

    YES. He’s drawn over 40 graphic novels and is coming up to 70 years of age now.

    And Yes, some of his covers have been a little too sexy and provocative for the mainstream market BUT he doesn’t deserve to be ridiculed like this.

    Take a look at some of his older work, admire it and dont let a Spider-woman with an unfortunate pose determine what you think of his work.

  6. All this Manara talk made me think about one of my favorite books of his, Perchance to Dream (Adventures of Giuseppe Bergman)

  7. Something Guardiany this way comes #pencils #gotg #rocketraccoon #groot

  8. #NYCC commission list is still open with the con just under two months away!
    Prices vary from $50 for a headshot to $175 for a 12”x17” full illustration with inkwash.
    For more info click below:


  9. The first arc of the #woodscomic in covers. The first line are my variants and second line are the main covers by the amazing @ramonperez

  10. Amala’s Blade #commission done she slices and dices!

  11. #deskshot Amala’s Blade #commission #zubari

  12. Started a long waited Amala’s Blade #commission tonight #deskshot

  13. Drawing a beach today. I’m surprised i remember what they look like ;P #comics #spoilerfree

  14. allhallowssteve:

    They’re the world’s most fearsome fighting team!

    Outfits inspired by artist Michael Dialynas.

    Oh man these are AWESOME! :)

  15. Mandatory #olivercat break