Retail Price: $3.99
    Author: James Tynion IV
    Artist: Michael Dialynas
    Cover Artist: Michael Dialynas
    With the swarm close on their tail, the kids have managed to reach the mountain peak…but not before the Hunters. But will the humans battle once and for all, or team up to take on the larger threat the Woods have unleashed?


  2. Close-up of lil’ Doctor Robot on this heavy cover #thewoods @boom_studios

  3. I drew this on SKAI TV to promote our educational seminars at the Cycladic Museum

  4. #TBT One of my favorite pages from Josh Tierney's SPERA vol.3 from Archaia Entertainment

    I love the “LONO!” panel :)

  5. Rocket Raccoon tissues ;)

  6. Its #gaurdiansofthegalaxy day all over again now that i got a pack of @athensvoice copies!

  7. Everything awesome is turning 30 this year from TMNT to Ghostbusters!

     In fact i’m turning 30 too next month AND celebrating 10 years from my first professional comic gig so I thought i’d celebrate with a special offer!

    I’m offering $30 commissions and -30% off my originals on my store for the next month and I hope to manage to save up enough to get a Wacom Cintiq Companion so I can work outside of the office and maybe next summer get a suntan :)

    Enter HAPPYBIRTHDAY as the code for -30% off my originals.


  8. I’m so proud of the way it looks! #thewoods

  9. I found some copies of The Woods vol.1!!!!

  10. Tried playing with the new Thor today as a warm up, i’m really liking her design!

  11. This weeks issue of the ATHENS VOICE (a free-press here in Greece) has a cover i made with The Guardians of the Galaxy, tying in nicely with the film’s release here today.

  12. The wraparound cover for THE WOODS #5 featuring the kids and the new characters introduced in this arc.
    The bird-like dinosaur creature is Wally! Say hello to him 

  13. Frame from THE WOODS #5, out tomorrow!
    Written by James Tynion IV
    Art by me and Colours by Josan Gonzalez
    Published by Boom! Studios

  14. Tomorrow! The new arc of THE WOODS begins!

  15. The good people at Panini comics sent me some comps of the French edition of Arms of the Octopus!