1. Haven’t done a self-portrait in a looong time. This is for a new project coming soon.

  2. Warmup sketch of Hellboy before work in Astoria.

  3. Midtown Comics has snazzy stuff you know! #thewoods

  4. The great @staceface889 being Commissioner Bane and providing all the laughs yesterday #nycc

  5. I had the honor to sign this huuuge Spider-man poster at #nycc the back is covered too!

  6. My Fantastic Four piece found a nice home too at #nycc

  7. Doctor Strange & Madman sketch commission for the awesome Pandora and Justin #nycc

  8. Raph sketchbook commission from #nycc

  9. Red Hood sketch commission from #nycc

  10. One of my #nycc commissions. Finger-painted the laser-beam with my red ink #cyclops #xmen

  11. Swamp Thing #nycc commission @newyorkcomiccon

  12. The table is ready in the Artist Alley with the lovely @staceface889 so come on by and hi or give me a Birthday high five! Table H10 @newyorkcomiccon

  13. Had the pleasure to add to this #tmnt piece of awesomeness! @newyorkcomiccon

  14. Pizza Time! #tmnt pre-con commission is ready! #nycc

  15. #tmnt commission wip shot