1. July solicitations are out for BOOM! Studios

    and among them is THE WOODS #3!

    Ramón gives you a tease of one of the beasts to come in the series :)

    THE WOODS #3

    Retail Price: $3.99  

    Author: James Tynion IV

    Artist: Michael Dialynas

    Cover Artists: A: Ramón Pérez   B: Michael Dialynas (Incentive)

    As the darkness of night falls, monsters begin to reveal themselves—from both outside and inside the school. Maria struggles to break free of her false imprisonment before Coach Clay succeeds in instilling martial law, and the exploratory crew finds themselves being hunted by unseen shadows.

  2. Damn it AppStore! why do you tease me?

  3. Was looking through my sketch folder and found my Wonder Woman i did a few months ago and added her to my DC’s finest sketch of Batman and Superman.

    Now this piece is complete :)

  4. Late night Rocket Raccoon cool-down sketch.

    It was bound to happen since i never finished that Guardians piece i started last Summer.

  5. Hello my French friends, i need a favour!
    I’m looking to find the French edition of Arms of the Octopus that just came out last week and i cant seem to find it anywhere online.
    Can someone get me a couple and send them over?
    Thank you 

  6. One more frame for tonight #comics

  7. "What’chu call me?" #comics #boomstudios

  8. Inky doodles #easter

  9. What would the Woods be without Trees? #comics #boomstudios

  10. A few years back i did some samples for a children’s book that never took off based on Arabian folk tales. #ThrowbackThursday i still like these pages and its was a pity this never happened but at least after this was rejected i landed Amala’s Blade with Steve with Dark Horse Comics :)

  11. In the Woods, working on issue 4 #comics #boomstudios


  12. kindadehydrated asked: Love your style, keep up the good work

    Thanks! I’m trying my best and staying fueled by pizza.


  13. Anonymous asked: May I ask how you got the BPRD evidence box?

    I bought it! ;)

  14. Reading comics the best way i can ;)

  15. I got a lovely package today!
    This BPRD evidence box is Awesome!